Infographic Explainer Video

19th of March, 2019 | Infowithart

Do you have a couple of killer infographics up in your sleeve? If not, you’d better check our last articles from the “How to Create Infographics” saga. Learn some hacks how to produce great content and wrap it up with a gorgeous design. And for those who have this “infographic ace in the hole”, don’t get too comfortable out there. We’ve prepared more room for your improvement. So, why don’t you take your infographic to the next level? Let’s say, make an infographic explainer video?

If you surf the World Wide Web you, probably, know what an explainer video is. Well, you must have bumped into at least a couple of these on Youtube. What about an infographic explainer video? Make it short, it’s a static infographic converted into a motion graphic video that explains some concept or idea in a simple, engaging and direct way.

What’s up with the video hype?

Why are animated videos based on infographics, so popular? Well, it’s upgraded storytelling. We are quite lazy to read tons of text. Pictures put our brain under less pressure. No wonder, we’re more willing to look through the visualized data. And here comes the cherry on top – what if there’s moody music or expressive voiceover, and these visuals are moving? Oh, and it takes only up to 2 minutes to enjoy it. Quite enough to have fun and not get bored.

The 3 S’s of Explainer videos

It’s popular to list 5Ks, 7Cs or 10Ps of something to describe its main characteristics. We’ve decided that explainer videos are no worse than the rest. So, here are the three S’s features of explainer videos that make them so compelling. They all are:

Whether it’s your business presentation or an explanation of some rocket science topic, you should pass out the message really quickly. The optimal explainer video length is 90 seconds (about 160 – 180 words per minute).

It follows from the previous principle that you will be able neither to cover many topics, nor to go deeply into details. The only option available here is to focus on one thing. The most important thing that truly matters.

Even if you really wanted to do it the hard way, you wouldn’t have time for that. Explainer video format just leaves you no choice: your message should be as simple as possible for understanding. Because who on Earth would want to stop your video a couple of times and ask Google what the heck you meant by saying all this heady stuff?

WHY does your marketing strategy need an explainer video?

Basically, all explainer videos tell some stories. The same relates to any business, even if it doesn’t work on storytelling on purpose. So, if we connect all the dots, explainer videos just help businesses to tell their stories in a simple, brief, engaging and direct way. Namely:

1. You can describe your business idea in a matter of seconds. With explainer videos, you don’t need a 157-slide PowerPoint presentation to communicate what you do, how you do it (or how your product works), and why your product is better than others.

2. Your brand may take a breath of fresh air if you customize your explainer video to your corporate stylistics. Seems like a great chance to make your brand more recognizable.

3. Explainer videos attract more engagement. Since they involve both visual and auditory perception, their communicational power is much bigger. Thus, they have a more powerful effect on the viewers’ brains.

4. Engaging explainer videos can help make your website more attractive to visitors. In turn, it will improve your website image “in the eyes” of Google and other search engines. As a consequence, your site has higher ranks in the queries. Plus, you get an admission ticket to one of the most popular social networks nowadays – Youtube.

5. Finally, there’s a package of additional bonuses that follow from the previous points. Firstly, videos tend to be highly shareable on social media platforms. So, why don’t you use this advantage? Secondly, you can include a simple and straightforward call to action. It’ll increase your chances to guide your prospects in the needed direction. Obviously, all these marketing bonus features eventually lead you to the material reward as well. Statistics have shown that high-quality explainer videos can dramatically raise your conversions (approximately, by 20%).

WHAT can I ‘explain’ with an explainer video?

1. Tell your story in a short movie. ‘Explain’ your business or service. Stand out by showing your competitive advantages.

2. Disclose a problem that your potential customers may face, and immediately offer a solution to it.

3. Educate your target audience. While giving answers to the questions your viewers are curious about, you’re giving a benefit to them and avoid being super-salesy about it. Here, you can try to ‘explain’:
* a concept or trend related to your businesses that are difficult-to-understand;
* how to do something related to your business; don’t miss out on the “DIY-tutorial” hype, and get your expertise and brand out there;
* the frequently asked questions from your customers: it will definitely save your time, plus, it’s a more fun way to answer them than a traditional FAQ page on your website.

WHERE do explainer videos belong to?

1. Your website
An explainer video is a great fit for the landing or “About us” page. It helps to understand the website visitors who you are, what you do, and how they can solve their problems with your assistance.

2. Your Social Media accounts
Explainer videos make your profile more interesting. It’s not big news that photos or videos are more clickable than plain text posts. That works the same as with infographics. Want to learn more about infographics as a social media tool? Check out our previous article. And, going back to explainer videos, you can add a featured video in your Videos tab on Facebook. Link an explainer video to your bio on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

3. Your Youtube channel
The prime location to look for a cupcake would be a bakery. With videos, of course, it’s Youtube. Being the second largest search engine after Google, it attracts tons of your potential customers every minute. So, answer their questions with your explainer video.

WHEN explainer videos are the most powerful?

Explainer videos effectiveness tend to be highest at the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey. It’s exactly the time when your potential customer is the most open to new opportunities and willing to consider different options to solve his/her problems.
Thus, try to target your video at the leads while they’re at their “research” phase. It’s a great way to get “considered”. Use an engaging and educative explainer video that has the answers your audience is looking for.

Now you know all why’s, what’s, where’s and when’s about explainer videos. Have you decided to create one for yourself but don’t know where to start? Infowithart team can help you with that as we’ve been always there for you.