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What kind of lead magnet to go with?

18th of April, 2023 | Infowithart

If you’re a business owner or a marketer and want to tell about your product, there’s no doubt you’ve come across E-books, White papers, Reports, Brochures, Case studies, Infographics, and Slide decks. You might even have an idea, but maybe you need to decide which one to choose. Are they all the same for you? 

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How To Create a Winning Pitch Deck

19th of October, 2022 | Infowithart

People have been fundraising for a long time, and have learned what works, and what doesn’t. Fundraising professionals have tested methods, strategies, and tactics, and seen what helps organizations raise money – and what just wastes time and resources. The key to successful fundraising will always be innovation, market opportunity and the ability for the team to execute.

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SVG vs GIF Animation

24th of March, 2020 | Infowithart

For this month’s article, we’ve decided to do a little history tour and layout some key pros and cons of the two of the most common types of animation in use – .SVG and .GIF, and why .SVG is the better choice in most of the scenarios. Hope this information will come in handy when deciding which way is best to bring your 2D image into motion.

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6 Most Effective Types of Explainer Videos

03th of February, 2020 | Infowithart

Most people are visual learners which makes videos the new marketing gold mines because they help them absorb information easily and in a very short time. Using videos in your marketing materials can help boost their effectiveness. While including the word “video” in your email subject line can increase open rates by 19%, explainer videos on landing pages can increase conversions by as much as 80%.

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Why Your Website Needs Infographics?

03th of January, 2020 | Infowithart

Struggling to find an appealing way to display information on your website? Fortunately, there is an effective remedy for that.

Infographics present any information in a clear and appealing way. Mostly it’s done through an efficient organization of the text and accompanying eye-catching imagery.

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Empower Your Visual Marketing Strategy with Infographics

21th of February, 2019 | Infowithart

Have you already caught on to the visual content marketing hype? In both cases, why don’t you accord a permanent and uniquely special place to infographics in your visual marketing strategy? It means doing more than simply posting your infographics via your social networks on a regular basis or sharing them under your blog articles. Read on and find out about that “more”.

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