Why Your Website Needs Infographics?

03th of January, 2020 | Infowithart

Do you have a website? Or, maybe, you are just planning to get one? In any case, the Infowithart team highly recommends including some outstanding infographic piece into your web design.

The keyword here is “outstanding”. So many infographics have been spread out through the Internet since the infographics hype started in 2011. Surely, there are tons of standard template-like infographics. But what really catches users’ attention is exciting visual content. So, infographics can add uniqueness and creativity to your content when designed and displayed well. Plus, infographic-driven designs copied and applied to web layouts will surely make your website stand out of a variety of faceless mass template websites.

Keep on reading to find out why infographics is such a powerful means to improve a website? Well, there are many reasons…

Visual data rules

65% of human beings are visual learners. People comprehend visual information 60,000 times faster than text. More than 90% of all the information that enters the human brain is non-verbal. As you can see, statistics speaks for itself. Still, we won’t get tired of repeating that visualization is a magnificent method of making your information easier to process, understand, learn, and remember! It’s as simple as that. Just try to visualize your text once and see for yourself. And what is one the most effective visualization tool? Surely, infographics!

They concisely convey information on your website so that your audience can digest it in a much easier and faster way. Infographics make your potential customers stay on your webpage as they help people quickly identify what a site is about. Nowadays, everyone is constantly attacked with tons of information and gets distracted very easily. Thus, no one wants to waste time on unnecessary data. To avoid your site visitors clicking away, give them a shortcut to reading in the form of infographics, for instance, let them know that they’ve gotten to the right place.

Infographic-driven web designs are more eye-catching

Infographics present any information in a clear and appealing way. Mostly it’s done through an efficient organization of the text and accompanying eye-catching imagery. Basically, it’s a remedy for your website’s UX as it prevents your website from cluttering. Plus, it adds fun and creativity to the overall design.

Infographics make it easier for everybody

To sum up, any text can be transformed into an infographic. If you are new to all this, check out our article on how to create infographics from scratch. And it can make any topic more understandable and accessible to those who know nothing or very little about it. By the way, the topic may vary from cooking recipes 101 to rocket science. And this is one of the greatest things about infographics. It can get anyone closer to any subject in an engaging and enlightening way. So, why don’t you educate your audience about who you are and what you do? The best place to do that is your website. And you already know one of the best ways – infographics!

A well-designed infographic raises the level of trust to you and your website

As mentioned previously, a beautiful infographic piece on your website pays back its investments. First of all, it looks professional. As a consequence, it makes you look professional as well. Second of all, it proves that you’ve spent resources to properly present yourself. Undoubtedly, such an input deserves respect and makes your site more trustworthy. Cite the sources used to create your infographics to gain more credibility from your audience.
Another bonus is that people are not biased against infographics unlike other promotional and sales-pitchy materials at websites. The reason is that those usually cover crucial and interesting facts, giving useful tips and adding a fun touch.

All search engines go nuts about infographics

Images are the most shareable type of content on social media. Anyway, it doesn’t mean that the text is left out of the loop. So, how about taking advantage of both visual and text content? There is a solution – infographics! Since it really combines the power of a word and picture, no wonder that it’s shared 3 times more than any other type of content. It seems like a killer combo!
And this combo will surely generate more traffic and improve your website’s SEO rating. Moreover, there’s always room for perfection, so you can even specifically optimize your infographic for SEO. As a result, it’ll expand your reach as infographics are more likely to get:

The more people share your infographics, the more chances there are that your site gets to be linked to other websites. Certainly, this is a great boost for your SEO as it attracts more people to your site where they have a possibility to explore your other content too. Above all, you receive long-term benefits as well since infographics tend to be shared long after you’ve created and posted them for the first time.

Adding embed codes and share buttons to your infographics allows anyone to include it to their blogs without a hitch. Such an option facilitates the shareability of your infographic as it attracts more people who want to enrich their own content with your infographic masterpiece.

In short, backlinks are links from other websites to your website. They serve as evidence for Google that your website includes valuable information. Infographics can secure backlinks from other blogs. Often, they provide illustrations to go with posts on a specific topic. No wonder, infographics attract a high number of such backlinks. Mostly it’s because of their accessibility and tendency to share useful information. Again, it results in enhancing search engine rankings.
Therefore, search engines “like” infographics and this is what’s crucial for the website’s success. In most cases, users don’t walk a long way off the top results in Google. So, it’s better to try all the methods to appear in front of your potential customer as soon as possible. Infographics is one of them as they naturally get their links, multiple shares via social media and drive website traffic.

Now that you understand why you should seriously consider infographic-driven design options for your website, you might get concerned about how to get a really outstanding infographic piece. No worries! Our Infowithart team of professional designers is always here for you. Drop us a message and we’ll make sure to provide you with the coolest infographic to take your site to the next level 😉