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The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Graphic Design

19th of December, 2018 | Infowithart

Today we’re on the verge of another revolution.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning have become an over-hyped buzzword across many industries these days. And they are trying to make the quantum leap in the graphic design field as well. So, what is the future of Graphic Design with AI technologies incorporated? Should graphic designers be concerned and start looking for a new profession? Is the “Matrix” coming for us? Read our article and find out!

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Top-5 Free Infographic Tools for Everyone

12th of December, 2018 | Infowithart

If you are not a graphic designer, creating an infographic may seem complicated. It requires at least two components: design skills and certain software such as Adobe Creative Cloud.
Lately, though, we can find more and more simplified ways of making/sharing infographics on your own. There’s a huge variety of websites that offer you different solutions.
We’ve been testing the most popular infographic tools. Having selected only those that provide free options in their packages, we prepared a top-5 list for you.

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How Infographics can Boost your Business

05th of December, 2018 | Infowithart

Nowadays, in order to be successful in business, it is not enough just to own information, but also you need to be able to analyze, use it and, most importantly, properly submit itю Visualization is an integral part of the business. There are a lot of ways of presenting information: scribing, forcing, mind-maps, infographic and much more.

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Keep Your Infographics Trendy: 2018 – 2019 Mainstreams

28th of November, 2018 | Infowithart

Every business wants to be ahead of the competition. With this in mind, it always has to feel the pulse of the current events in the market. Infographics is certainly a popular marketing tool. So, we’ve selected top trends in infographic design during 2018.
If 2018 has proven to be the year of taking risks in graphic design, what one should do then, in order to be seen and heard in 2019? Beat 2018 over the top, that’s for sure!

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How to Create and use Infographics in Your Blog

13th November, 2018 | Infowithart

One of the most effective and attractive ways of submitting information is infographic. The infographic is a very good one for a modern user who perceives visual information but reluctantly finds the time to read.

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Top 9 Tips to Make your Infographics go Viral

6th of November, 2018 | Infowithart

If you want to sell your product or service, you need to think hard about submitting this very product or service to your target audience. We will not enumerate all possible options, but we will only say one thing – statistics show that infographics are the most accessible and easily receptive way to bring information to the consumer.

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