Keep Your Infographics Trendy: 2018 – 2019 Mainstreams

28th of November, 2018 | Infowithart

Every business wants to be ahead of the competition. With this in mind, it always has to feel the pulse of the current events in the market. Infographics is certainly a popular marketing tool. Hence, we’ve selected top trends in infographic design during 2018. Besides, we’ve listed those that are to dominate in the upcoming year.




Analyzing the main tendencies of 2018 can be helpful in predicting what might happen in 2019. So, let’s have a look at the current situation at first!

Interactive Infographics & Infogifs

On top of the leading trends of 2018, there are interactive infographics and infogifs. Moving visuals tend to generate the highest engagement rates. Hardly surprising that interactive infographics are at the peak of their fame now. The same applies to infogifs. They are as well highly appealing and extremely sharable. By the way, do you know how to share your infographic effectively? If no, you might find helpful our brief tutorial. It’s available at this link.

Flat versus 3D

The following two trends contradict each other. But opposites attract, don’t they? So, on the one hand, flat has been recognized as the king of infographic style. Due to its simplicity, it perfectly visualizes complex data. On the other hand, isometric design is making a strong comeback. Its advantage is giving a brand new feeling of depth. Adding a third dimension perfectly reaches that goal. It indeed makes the design look real as never before.

Combination of Different Styles

Of course, someone may not feel like going to extremes. In that case, you can always strike the right balance through the mix of styles. For example, flat elements might be matched with gradients. You can play with textures and add some abstract details. Therefore, abstraction as well as combination of different styles, is trendy too.

Custom Art Illustrations & Photographs

As for the images that currently prevail in top-notch infographic pieces, the most popular types are custom art illustrations and photographs. This year bold photos are widely used to illustrate the data, They often serve as backgrounds for infographs. Сustom illustrations, when placed against the backdrop of flat infographics, advantageously stand out. The reason is simple: they make each infographic design a unique masterpiece.

Colour Preferences

There’s an extensive number of colour solutions offered to designers these days. The most well-liked are bright and rich colours which are fun and engaging. What’s more important, they easily catch the user’s attention. Those who prefer soft and gentle colour palettes would be glad to find out that pastel colours are in trend too. There’s also a tendency to use just a few colours in design. It may be difficult to implement though. However, such infographics do look special and alluring.

Other Trends

Among others, we can’t get past those other amazing trends such as creative typography, negative space, geometric shapes, infographic cheat sheets, graphs, charts, maps or some graphic design elements similar to maps. Each and every of them becomes a powerful tool of talented designers who have brought up a bunch of bold, sometimes crazy ideas during 2018. So, what do we now expect from 2019?




It’s natural that the things which have demonstrated the largest number of users responses and highest conversion rates are likely to grow in use. Big, bold typography serves as a perfect example. It has been wildly popular over the past few years since it makes any text much easier to read.  

Vivid Colours

Pops of vivid colours are the other tendency that is going to increase. Splashes of electric bright colours in 2019 are supposed to continue the rejection of bland minimalism that started in the early 2010s.

Complex Gradients & Duotones

The same goes to complex gradients and duotones. The last ones are images that replace the whites and blacks in a photo with two colours. Therefore, they can make almost any image match your company branding.

Dual Light & Dark Colour Schemes

Speaking of a dual approach, dual light and dark colour schemes are also foreseen to become more and more popular in the upcoming year. This kind of technique allows you not to put all your eggs into one basket. For instance, the light tone could catch the eye of one group of people. But the dark one could do the same thing for another audience.

Futuristic Design

However, what is predicted to become the main focal point in 2019, is futuristic design which includes already popular abstract patterns, holographic and reflective elements, glitch or ruined effects.

Custom Stock Photos & Illustrations

Authentic stock photos together with dynamic and complicated hand-drawn illustrations go hand-in-hand with the futuristic influences. Genuine illustrations and photos seem more real than overly edited ones. Custom infographics as compared with those made through some DIY platforms, are always much more remarkable for the viewers. Follow this link and see for yourself.

New “Colourful Minimalism”

Traditionally, those who don’t like extremes may find something in the middle. In 2019 this something will be a mix of traditional minimalism and the abovementioned trends – so-called new “colourful minimalism” dominated by colour and creativity.


As we can see, 2018 has proven to be the year of taking risks in graphic design. What one should do then, in order to be seen and heard in 2019? Beat 2018 over the top, that’s for sure! It means more vivid colours and bold fonts, more unique and genuine visuals, and new futuristic patterns. Such designs will definitely touch the pulse of the modern audience!