Custom Infographics vs Infographic Services

24th of March, 2018 | Infowithart

The research shows that visual clues make a positive effect on people’s ability to memorize the information. Since infographics have both ‘pictures’ and ‘words’, it contains the best of both worlds: the ability to represent a complex subject and keep the reader interested in it while doing so. But where do we get those killer infographics? It doesn’t lay around waiting for you to peek it up. Unfortunately, the reality is that making even a most simple infographic usually takes a lot of time, effort, and skill.  There are two main ways that can get you well-designed infographics. The first one is an infographic online service (DIY platform), in case you are looking for a template solution. The second one – infographic agency if you need a custom infographic. But which one to choose and which one would better suit you?

There are several factors at play when deciding whether to use a DIY platform or give it to the professionals from the infographic design agency. Though both provide a unique service that claims to be the best one for your needs. Let’s see in details pros and cons of each one.

Visualization resources

Most of the online infographic services will provide you with a pretty substantial suite of resources and tools ranging from icons to pre-made templates and layouts; all of these come to you right out of the box and, can be used in almost any way you want it. Many will even auto-generate charts and graphs from your data. What you should be aware of in this case is that you are limited to those tools, libraries, and your imagination. Anyone who is using the same platform will have the same elements, color palettes, font choices, layouts, and themes. So, bear in mind, if you need some unique and creative infographics such DIY platforms might be not the best option for you.

However, infographic design company provides a comprehensive customer focused service, design, and creative consultation. As a client, you should expect to do very little with getting your project done. Your main task should be providing a valuable feedback throughout the design process.


Without a doubt, DIY infographic services are winners in this field. As they charge you much lower prices than infographic design agency. You might even find some of them are free of charge (until you want to download your infographic), some usually provide multiple payment options having monthly/yearly subscriptions or one-time purchases.

Agency pricing is noticeably higher. But keep in mind, though, the services that you are being provided with — consulting, custom design, project management, content development (if needed) etc. And consider the amount of aggregated man-hours needed to successfully fulfill each service.

Quality and time

If you choose to make your own infographic with the help of DIY platforms the quality of it will entirely depend on your experience and skills. Needless to say, you should be at least remotely familiar with a design. Of course, some DIY platforms will provide you with guides and tutorials on how to make your own infographic. In this case, you will spend your time learning the ins and outs of the platform itself at first and then learning about design, composition, and typography etc. But do not expect to have an outstanding infographic in the end as you are not an expert in this field.

Infographic design agency would be a better choice if you really want to save your time. While dealing with the infographic agency you can run your business with no distractions and be sure that you’ll have your professional infographic done in time. Furthermore, it will be a completely custom infographic design that is original, unique, and made especially for your company needs. Such agencies will not use a single piece from stock aggregators or parts from old projects in creating your original infographic.


To cut the long story short, there are two ways to get your own infographic. And that’s not that hard to decide which one of those works better for you. If you are fine with a template solution and want to get it in a short-term – online infographic service is exactly what you are looking for. However, if it is crucial for you to have an infographic that will stand out from others and you are ready to wait a bit longer –  the infographic agency is your best choice. Here you can learn the best way how to create infographics.