Top 9 Tips to Make your Infographics go Viral

6th of November, 2018 | Infowithart

If you want to sell your product or service, you need to think hard about submitting this very product or service to your target audience. We will not enumerate all possible options, but we will only say one thing – statistics show that infographics are the most accessible and easily receptive way to bring information to the consumer.

In this article, you will get 9 tips to make your infographics go extremely viral. How to make it fly over the Internet with speed of thought and the most important thing, how to attract exactly that target audience that you need. Also, If you want to know how infographic works in some social networks you can go this link and read about the power of infographic on Pinterest or about the role of an infographic in a business presentation.
You can create the most beautiful and informational infographic in the world, but if it is not seen by enough users, it is useless.
So let’s go directly to 9 steps, how to make an infographic goes viral:

1. Choose a correct topic

Probably the most important rule that you need to follow when creating an infographic is choosing the right topic. The topic should be relevant and interesting. Nobody wants to read about neither what is targeted to a narrow circle of users or what is no longer needed. A correctly chosen topic is the main guarantee of infographic’s success.

2. Avoid information abusing

Infographics are created in order to facilitate the readers’ life but not scare them with a huge number of letters. You can submit super useful information, but no one will read it if it stretches endlessly down the page or if there is too much text. Choose the most important things, analyze what is needed to be conveyed by the text, what do you really need to emphasize and only then insert the text into your infographic.

3. Make people feel some emotion

One more very important task of the content is to evoke people’s emotions. And the more the better. The probability that a person will take some sort of actions in relation to your work directly depends on the emotions caused by this work.

4. Stick to the structure and size

Do not fall to extremes by scattering information in the kilometer-length infographics. Adhere to the structure, gradualness, consistency, and size. The success is not in a long infographic but in a clear, and easily readable one.

5. Make an adaptive design

Make sure that your infographic is conveniently viewed from both the computer monitor and the mobile device. This is very important because in this case, more people will be able to view your work.

6. Brand your infographic

The easiest way to designate your work is to place your logo. You can also use a sign or a sticker to let users know who’s done it. Remember that branding should harmoniously fit into the overall picture, otherwise it will spoil all the infographic. It’s also a good idea either to perform the infographic in your own brand colors or to use your brand fonts.

7. More creativity

In order to make your infographic not to be just interesting to read but also make it interesting to watch it, use all your creative abilities. Think about how you can creatively visualize the data that you are going to present.

8. Publish only the full size

When your infographic is ready, you should share it everywhere it possible. Publish it in blogs, on websites or social networks, but please note that it should be shown in full size and in a standard picture format (jpeg format). You do not need to publish an infographic in PDF format because not all users will be able to view it. Consequently, you will lose part of the audience, which perhaps could be interested in your infographic.

9. Share your infographics

In order, many people can see the infographic, do not be lazy and do not hesitate to spread it. Social networks (Facebook, Twitter), blogs, catalogs (, Flickr, Daily Infographics). Also, share infographics on Pinterest. You will get additional traffic without spending a lot of time and effort.

Now when you have enough information about how to make an infographic goes viral, you can start working. Believe us, if you do everything right the result will not be long in coming. But in case you are not sure of your own abilities, ask a good designer to help you. Good luck!