Infographics for Business Presentations

7th of May, 2018 | Infowithart

Recently the use of PowerPoint slides in business presentations has been doubted. And today we clearly see that PowerPoint is the dominant tool for professionals. The research conducted by Shufflrr proves that. For instance, 78% of people who give presentations use PowerPoint. It almost became a synonym for the word ‘presentation’.

Meanwhile, the other tool for a data presenting – infographics, has not only become incredibly popular but also is one of the media that tells a data story the best. In other words, infographics is the best tool for visualizing your information. Similarly, it helps to capture the audience attention. That is exactly the same reason why business presentations were created in the first place. So the logical question сomes up. Why not to combine the best of both and use infographics for business presentations?

However, if you are not convinced that infographics is so powerful, check out this blog post and see why you should use infographics.

A Story Behind

While making a presentation, you should bear in mind that there must be a story behind. It should go through all of your data. Moreover, it should keep it as a single peace for the whole time. Infographics make this job even easier as they are great storytellers. Professional infographic presentation leads an audience through an idea in an engaging way by literally guiding them from one point in the story to the next.

Eye-catching Content

Furthermore, infographics serves as an excellent instrument for dividing and presenting a content. Perhaps, the greatest benefit is that it can be done in different degrees of detail. It starts with a top-level info. In the meantime, it shifts into more in-depth explanations with each new level. In other words, it builds anticipation. At the same time, the audience gets the “whole picture” at a glance. Even before going into the details. This helps to hold audience’s attention. So you can have a productive discussion. In addition, you get the results expected from your presentation.

Nice Design

The visual design of your infographic presentation should also be at finest. A dull or cluttered presentation will not help you gain any admirers. But telling a story with the help of a carefully-crafted custom infographic will grab the audience’s interest and will help them see your message clearly and easily. Besides, there are many infographic agencies and infographic services that can help you with this question.

In fact, there’s other benefit that comes from using the infographic presentations. Specifically, it their ability to be used as a marketing material. Presentations are indeed valuable tools in business life. Yet, they are generally created just once. Then they are lost and never used again. From this point of view, it seems to be an inefficient time and resource usage.

However, here comes infographic for help. As it tells the story by itself, it can be posted on the internet. Furthermore, it can be shared on social media. Hence, all of that helps to keep an audience and grow awareness of your business. You may find tips on how to share infographics effectively in our previous article.

In summary, anytime there is a need to present a story, promote a product, sell an idea, raise awareness, create beautiful reports, or to motivate the audience you can always do it better with the help of infographics. It can bring the information alive.

More than ever before, the visual aspects of good infographics can make the business presentation memorable and understandable in a way that few other forms of media are capable of.